Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mission Statement

I actively collected sports cards from approximately 1982 to 1992 (ages four through 15).  Aside from randomly treating myself to a pack of cards at Target, I haven't done much collecting throughout my adult life.

Around the beginning of 2010, the Minnesota North Stars fan page I started on Facebook started taking off.  I began creating fan pages for individual North Stars players and communicating with other fans who still shared a passion for the team that was taken from us 17 years ago.

While creating the individual player pages, I had the idea to retrieve some of my North Stars cards from my old bedroom at my parents' house so I could scan them for photos to use on the pages.

I got hooked.

I bought a couple of team sets dirt cheap on eBay.  I then declared to my wife, "I think I'm going to try to collect every North Stars card ever made." 

After a reluctant, "Okaaaay?" from her, I went on to explain, "They only existed for 26 years.  For the bulk of that time, there was only one major card manufacturer.  There were stars on the Stars, but they never had a Hall of Famer who played the bulk of his career for the team.  And there is a finite number of cards out there.  It's not like trying to collect every Twins card, where literally hundreds of new cards come out each year.  This is an achievable long-term goal."

So, here goes.  I'm starting off by scanning the cards presently in my collection and sharing them here.  Once that's done, I'll repost as I acquire new additions to the collection.  As for what I'm looking for, the first priority is to acquire all actual North Stars cards.  However, I will also include and, in some cases, search out non-North Stars cards of former North Stars players.

If anyone happens to stumble across this page and wants to help, feel free to get in touch.  Keep in mind, though, that I'm trying to do this as cheap as possible.

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