Friday, March 26, 2010

1990-91 Topps #348 Mike Modano (RC)

1990-91 Topps #151 Basil McRae

Of course, the most exciting part about adding this team set to my collection is that it also means I have added another Basil McRae card to the collection!

1990-91 Topps #383 Ville Siren (RC)

There is some debatable player selection in the 1990-91 Topps set.  Stewart Gavin, Mark Tinordi, and Shane Churla were all missing from the set, but the likes of Siren and Berthiaume were included.  Oh well...

1990-91 Topps #70 Brian Bellows

1990-91 Topps #357 Perry Berezan (RC)

1990-91 Topps #192 Shawn Chambers

1990-91 Topps #319 Gaetan Duchesne

1990-91 Topps #228 Curt Giles

1990-91 Topps #269 Jon Casey

1990-91 Topps #118 Aaron Broten

1990-91 Topps #168 Dave Gagner

1990-91 Topps #247 Daniel Berthiaume

1990-91 Topps #12 Ulf Dahlen

1990-91 Topps #289 Rob Zettler (RC)

This (and it's O-Pee-Chee counterpart) is Zettler's only rookie card, and only card in a North Stars jersey.

1990-91 Topps #53 Don Barber (RC)

1990-91 Topps #90 Neal Broten

1990-91 Topps #47 Larry Murphy

1990-91 Topps #305 Minnesota North Stars

I just received the 1990-91 Topps North Stars team set in the mail today.  It's kind of amazing, but I never really picked up any cards from this set when I was a kid.  1990 was the year that the hockey card market expanded from Topps/O-Pee-Chee to include Pro Set, Score, and Upper Deck (as well as OPC Premier).  I guess that in all the excitement over the new brands, I must have decided to ignore Topps that year.  Looking back, that's kind of a shame.  The design was definitely more pleasing than that season's Pro Set and Score sets, at least.