Sunday, March 28, 2010

1984-85 Topps #80 Steve Payne

1984-85 Topps #79 Gilles Meloche

1984-85 Topps #78 Tom McCarthy

1984-85 Topps #77 Brad Maxwell

1984-85 Topps #76 Dennis Maruk

1984-85 Topps #75 Al MacAdam

Where's the mustache, Big Al?

1984-85 Topps #74 Paul Holmgren

St. Paul native and Philadelphia Flyers great Paul Holmgren came home for 27 games to finish his playing career.

1984-85 Topps #73 Dino Ciccarelli

1984-85 Topps #72 Neal Broten

I remember when some price guides would list this Broten card (and the '84 Bellows card, for that matter) as his "rookie."  Since Topps did not produce American sets in 1982-83 or 1983-84, this issue technically represents their first Topps cards, but they are not true rookies.

1984-85 Topps #71 Brian Bellows

1984-85 Topps #70 Don Beaupre

I just picked up a 1984-85 Topps North Stars team set today.  It's smaller than the O-Pee-Chee issue, but I badly needed replacements for some of my very first hockey cards.  Virtually all of my North Stars from this set had a thumbtack hole through them.  The set I received has nice, sharp corners, though there is spotty printing on quite a few of them.  I guess I don't know if that was an issue that plagued this set (the first Topps set in three years) or not.

1991-92 Stadium Club #322 Marc Bureau

Marc Bureau was a great defensive center, and his play in the 1991 playoffs was remarkable.  I was always bothered that the North Stars didn't give him a longer look.  He certainly proved them wrong with a long, solid NHL career.

1991-92 Upper Deck #274 Marc Bureau

1983-84 O-Pee-Chee #166 Don Beaupre

He was such a baby when he first came up!

1991-92 Upper Deck #197 Don Beaupre

Yes, they erred greatly in overproduction, but the first couple of seasons of Upper Deck hockey cards really were revolutionary in photography and design.

1989-90 O-Pee-Chee #215 Bob Brooke

1991-92 Score Canadian #137 Curt Giles

1990-91 Score #215 Don Beaupre

1992-93 Ultra #320 Craig Ludwig

1991-92 Stadium Club #38 Craig Ludwig

1991-92 Pro Set #155 Craig Ludwig

1992-93 Ultra #95 Jim Johnson